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PVC vinyl siding are widely used for out side wall.

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The new type of PVC vinyl siding decoration has been well received by the public, and a large part of the first-tier and second-tier cities are using this decoration mode, which is in contrast with the traditional decoration mode. Now our products are widely used for out side wall and PVC vinyl siding is a good substitute of aluminum ceiling material.


1.Easy to install, the special buckle assembly method makes the joint more compact and flat, which overcomes the disadvantages of large gap between the joint of other ceiling materials and uneven after installation.
2. Adopting hollow structure with small heat transfer coefficient, which is only one thousandth of that of aluminum, the thermal insulation effect is remarkable, especially more applicable to the air conditioning environment.
3. The unique formula of pvc vinyl siding has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which overcomes the disadvantages of traditional metal ceiling used in humid environment and easy to appear rust water oxidation.


PVC Vinyl Siding can be used as ceiling, decorative wall board, partition board, window frame, etc., widely used in hotel, office building, hospital, teaching building, commercial building, kitchen, bathroom decoration.

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