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PVC panels refer to a kind of film that uses PVC as the main material on one side of the paper panel, which is mainly used for protection and labeling by using silk screen technology to integrate graphics, characters and logos. The other side is a kind of foil coated with aluminum foil. The ceiling is the panel of the main material.
The PVC panels we provide mainly include: PVC profiles, bathroom waterproof wall panels, shower room plastic wall panels, folding door PVC fittings, skirting boards and so on. These products are high-grade decorative materials that integrate decoration, sound absorption, sound insulation, fire prevention, flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, energy saving and insulation. PVC panels are also moisture-proof, beautiful, and invariant.
PVC panels are widely used in interior decoration of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, living rooms, bathrooms, and residences.
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