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Polycarbonate sheets are made from polycarbonate polymers using advanced formulations and the latest extrusion process technology. It is a new type of high-strength, light-transmitting building material, which is the best building material to replace glass and plexiglass. Polycarbonate sheets are more lightweight, weather-resistant, super-strong, flame-retardant, and sound-insulating than laminated glass, tempered glass, and insulating glass.
The polycarbonate sheets we provide mainly include: three-story roof panels, double-walled roof panels, PC panels for greenhouses, solid PC panels, and so on. Polycarbonate sheets are extremely resistant to abrasion and chemicals and can be used in hospitals, schools, libraries, banks, prisons, etc. PC boards have excellent thermal insulation properties. Whether it is warm in winter or prevent hot air intrusion in the summer, PC boards can effectively reduce building energy consumption and save energy.
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